Staying Active After School — Back to School

Did you know young children and adolescents above the age of six need an hour of physical activity every day? While they do get some of this at school, recess is usually only 30 minutes, and P.E. isn’t typically every day. A very important part of parenthood is to motivate your kids to play outside after school when possible.

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While it seems easy enough, encouraging exercise is harder than it looks. Many kids will just want to play video games or watch TV and give their mind a break. In order to help conquer the challenge, here is a list of tips to get your child to exercise:

  1. Put your child in charge

  2. Limit screen time

  3. Lead by example

  4. Offer positive feedback

  5. Bring a friend along

  6. Use exercise as a reward

  7. Establish a regular routine

  8. Make it fun

  9. Encourage the idea that exercise is cool

  10. Make exercise non-negotiable

Ultimately, exercising should be something that your kids want to do because you do it, too. Physical activity should be a family priority that everyone participates in and is something enjoyable.

Start this afternoon and make it an after-school ritual. Go walking as a family and talk about the day. That way, your family can be physically and mentally healthy!

Traci Byrd