Job Position: Physical Therapist

Job Description: The purpose of the staff Physical Therapist is to evaluate and perform treatment of patients and for the supervision of treatments or parts of treatment delegated to support personnel.

Job Type: Full-time

Physical Therapist Duties

  1. Treat patients under the direction/guidance of a licensed practitioner. The Arkansas Physical Therapy Act allows practice without physician referral and this is extended to our therapists when it best services the patient and/or OrthoArkansas.

  2. Participate and/or present in-service lectures to staff, other health practitioners, or other interested parties.

  3. Perform tests, measurements, or other of assessments necessary to identify the physical therapy needs of our patients and to properly assess treatment outcome.

  4. Satisfy appropriate medical record requirements.

  5. Maintain other departmental records as directed by the clinic director or clinic business manager.

  6. Assist in clinical education for physical therapist and physical therapist assistant interns.

  7. Assist in orientation and training of new employees as needed.

  8. Develop and foster positive rapport with administrative and medical staff, fellow employees, patients, and family members.

  9. Perform other related duties as assigned by Clinic Director.


1.       Graduate of an approved school of physical therapy.

2.       Must be licensed by the Arkansas Board of Physical Therapy

3.       Must possess the evaluation skills necessary to assess the patient’s status and plan an appropriate plan of physical therapy.

4.       Must be familiar with all modalities, procedures, techniques and equipment necessary to meet the needs of our patient clientele.

5.       Must  meet continuing education standards set forth by the Arkansas Board of Physical Therapy.

6.       The ability to maintain patient confidentiality at all times in accordance to HIPAA Regulations.

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