Job Position: Financial Counselor

Job Description: This individual is required to contact insurance companies and obtain benefits for surgeries, pain procedures, Synvisc injections and any other service that requires prepayment. They must be able to effectively communicate that information to the patient.  The individual applying for this position must be dependable, thorough, be able to multi task and problem solve.

Job Type: Full-time

Financial Counselor Duties

  1. Review all surgical and procedure patients for assigned physicians to determine benefits and estimated patient responsibility.

  2. Contacts coding department for necessary procedure codes.

  3. Communicates with the patient their estimated portion and arrangement of prepay.

  4. Documents in the computer of benefits, prepay amount, and patient conversations.

  5. Communicates with OASC regarding benefits and prepay for upcoming surgeries.

  6. Handles any questions related to the patients account from staff or patients for assigned module.

  7. Incoming patient calls for assigned alphabet letters.

  8. Reviews patient cases submitted to business office regarding blocked accounts, account balances or patient questions.

  9. Completion of miscellaneous tasks as assigned (patient refunds, patient collections, payments received by mail, interpreting, etc.).


  1. Thorough knowledge of orthopedic procedures/diagnoses and procedure codes.

  2. Ability to interact professionally and diplomatically with physicians, hospitals, insurance companies and coworkers.

  3. Maintain patient confidentiality at all times.

  4. Must complete OrthoArkansas training classes for Orthopedic Anatomy, Orthopedic Medical Terminology and Basic ICD-10 and CPT coding.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the OrthoArkansas team. To apply, please send your resume and the name of the position you are applying for to Thank you!