Job Position: Clinical Assistant/Athletic Trainer

Job Description: This position is a FT, M-F, 40 hour per week position. You will work clinic, preauth and schedule diagnostic tests, answer phone calls, etc. The salary range is $16-18 to start dependent on education and experience. We have excellent benefits including a $45 per pay check insurance responsibility, with the company paying the remainder of the premium. The Athletic Trainer part comes into play educating patients on injuries and surgeries. Also, after hour ballgame coverage.

Job Type: Full-time

Clinical Assistant Duties

This position is responsible for assisting in our clinic. Responsibilities include but are not limited to rooming/escorting patients, participating in clinical activities (removing/applying dressings/stiches/staples/casts) scheduling procedures, assisting with patient education/paperwork, and responding to patient calls.


Applicants should be familiar with clinical techniques such as removing stitches and staples, wound dressing, and sterile procedures.