Joint Replacement

Joint pain – particularly in the knees and hips – is a common occurrence, especially with age. But it doesn’t have to be debilitating. OrthoArkansas provides treatments that restore ease of motion and get you back to your daily routine.

In many cases, medications and therapy can help. In some cases, hip and knee replacements are the best solution for the pain, stiffness or lack of mobility caused by arthritis or injury. Regardless of the answer to your issue, our hip and knee replacement team provides care that is unsurpassed.

Our fellowship trained surgeons are skilled in the latest techniques and technology to make sure you receive the least invasive procedure and the most positive outcome possible. Our surgeons are the only ones in Arkansas performing advanced procedures such as Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, an alternative to total hip replacement featuring reduced recovery time. In the case of traditional hip or knee replacements, we have some of the most skilled, experienced surgeons in the nation and we offer comprehensive care both pre- and post-surgery.

In addition, our pre-op teaching, same day therapy, family coaching, and other services can decrease hospital stays, accelerate recovery, and make life more comfortable for patients and their families.