Sports Medicine

Whether you simply enjoy activity or participate in competitive sports, injuries happen. Playing through the pain makes for a remarkable story, but it may ultimately lead to further injury and affect your ability to return to your favorite activity.

OrthoArkansas IS the leading provider of Sports Medicine in Arkansas. We’re proud to keep athletes (all ages) active and competitive by employing the largest staff of fellowship-trained sports medicine physicians statewide. These possess the knowledge and experience to treat the most common and the most complex of sports injuries.

Our involvement in high school athletics is unmatched. Our certified athletic trainers work directly with coaches in a multitude of athletic programs – attending practices and games, working with OrthoArkansas physicians on recovery, rehabilitation and injury prevention, and – during football season – hosting Saturday morning sports clinics to deal with injuries, facilitate rehab, and prepare athletes for the next game.

Our fellowship-trained sports medicine physicians typically operate using a method called arthroscopy, which allows them to repair damage in the knee, shoulder or hip using a surgical scope through a couple of very small incisions. Our physical therapists, all members of the American Society of Physical Therapists, work together with our surgeons to rebuild strength and mobility.

So, whether you need to return to a Friday night football rivalry, a Saturday morning tee time or to a leisurely walk with your neighbor, the sports medicine team at OrthoArkansas provides the personalized care and rehabilitation to get you back in the game.