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Available Positions


Job Title: Accounting Assistant (Full-Time)
This position is responsible for the accurate and timely posting all accounts receivable and other miscellaneous data entry.


Job Title:  Billing/Claims Specialist, Surgery Center (Full-Time)
This position is responsible for billing and claims management.


Job Title:  Call Center Representative (Full-Time)
This position is responsible for answering and directing incoming calls; scheduling patient appointments and mailing new patient packets.


Job Title:  Cast Tech (Full-Time)
Provides casting services to patients as ordered by OrthoArkansas physicians, and keeping casting materials and supplies stocked in all cast rooms.


Job Title:  Clinical Assistant/Athletic Trainer (Full-Time)
This position works in clinic, handles pre-authorizations and scheduling diagnostic tests.  The Athletic Trainer part of the position comes into play education patients about injuries and surgeries. 


Job Title:  Financial Counselor (Full-Time)
The individual applying for this position must be dependable, thorough, be able to multi task and problem solve.  This individual is required to contact insurance companies and obtain benefits for surgeries, pain procedures, Synvisc injections and any other service that prepayment. They must be able to effectively communicate that information to the patient.


Job Title: Health Information (Medical Records) Supervisor(Full-Time)
This position is responsible for coordinating daily operations for the Medical Records (Health Information) Department. Typical responsibilities will include ensuring patient satisfaction, efficient operations, daily coordination of staffing coverage, and timely completion of all duties. This position will be a working supervisor, responsible for performance coaching and development.


Job Title:  Medical Assistant (Full-Time)
This position is responsible for assisting in our clinic. Responsibilities include but are not limited to rooming/escorting patients, participating in clinical activities (removing/applying dressings/stiches/staples/casts) scheduling procedures, assisting with patient education/paperwork, and responding to patient calls. Applicants should be familiar with clinical techniques such as removing stitches and staples, wound dressing, and sterile procedures.


Job Title:  Medical Insurance Collector (Full-Time)
This individual is responsible for the analysis and follow-up of charges submitted to insurance for payment. Activities include analyzing claims for payment according to contract, filing applicable appeals, diagnosing denied claims and initiating appropriate follow-up to receive payment on claim. This position is open to candidates with 3+ years' experience.


Job Title:  Patient Services Representative (Full-Time)
This position greets and welcomes patients, adds insurance information, and referrals. 


Job Title:  Patient Transporter (Full-Time)
This position helps patients by transporting them into, around, and out of the health care organization.


Job Title:  X-Ray Technician (Full-Time)
This position keeps patient flow smooth in the department and provides excellent patient care and images. The technician operates imaging equipment as ordered by physician and follows standard physician protocol.  Located in NLR.