Most back and neck pain comes from minor problems such as muscle strain that can be easily treated. But when the cause is more serious, OrthoArkansas has a skilled team of caregivers who specialize in all phases of treatment for spine conditions. Our healthcare professionals draw from a spectrum of treatment options to reduce painful symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Patients of all ages at OrthoArkansas receive skills and expertise of non-surgical and surgical spine specialists to provide exceptional care for all spinal disorders. Treatments can range from conservative management to minimally invasive spine interventions or surgery. OrthoArkansas has a team of Fellowship Trained spine surgeons and interventionalists who are at the forefront of modern spine care in Arkansas.

Most spinal conditions are treatable without requiring surgery; our comprehensive spine team first evaluates all non-surgical options.  Customized spine-specialized physical therapy is focused on strengthening and rehabilitating the spine to make it more resistant to injury.  Medication management may be beneficial to relieve symptoms while other treatments are being pursued. Our physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) spine doctors help many patients to recover non-surgically through advanced injection-based treatments that target the underlying spinal problem. When necessary, our outstanding spine surgeons offer a variety of advanced surgical procedures, and are capable of handling the most complex, delicate spinal procedures. 

There is no need to suffer with back or neck pain when cutting edge treatment options are available at OrthoArkansas. We are always prepared to provide help.